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19th Jan 2019

Trump supporting teenagers harass Native Americans at Indigenous People’s March in Washington

Kyle Picknell

Trump supporters: notoriously well-balanced human beings

A MAGA-hat wearing army of Trump supporters attended the Indigenous People’s March in Washington D.C. on Friday, seemingly intent on making themselves look as physically loathsome and as odious as possible.

The teenagers, reportedly from the all-boys Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky, crowded around the marchers and began mocking them. The scene was captured by several in attendance, and the footage is remarkable. In the very worst sense.

One particularly loathsome-looking individual spends the majority of his time standing directly in front of the drummer for the event, Omaha elder and Vietnam vet Nathan Phillips, in what would surely be classed as an attempt at intimidation if he didn’t look like a serial bed-wetter.

The Indigenous Peoples March is neither a partisan nor explicitly anti-Trump event, which makes the actions of the MAGA mob even more bewildering.

It comes just months after the Supreme Court in America ruled against Native voting rights in North Dakota, and four days after Trump himself called Senator Elizabeth Warren ‘Pochahontas’ in a disparaging tweet.