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26th Jan 2017

Trump press secretary and media professional Sean Spicer may have just tweeted his password

It's not been a good week for this man.

Rich Cooper

As far as Donald Trump is concerned, Donald Trump is having a pretty good first week in office. In fact, he’s had a terrific first week, the best first week in office that anyone has ever had. Period.

It’s fair to say that White House press secretary Sean Spicer is having a significantly worse week. It’s a tough job and Trump is a tough boss, but no one could have predicted how hilariously wrong it would go.

On his first day, after berating the press for their coverage of the inauguration, he openly lied about the size of the crowd watching Trump get sworn in. Then, he was viciously mocked online by people quoting their own ‘alternative facts’.

Then came the revelations that he chews and swallows at least 35 pieces of gum a day, that he thinks ‘Daft Funk’ should lose their helmets, and that he had a minor Twitter feud with a chain of ice cream stores.

Basically, for a man only a few days into his job, he is 100% killing it.

Now the man in charge of Trump’s relationship with the press has killed it once again with his latest tweet:

Spicer was always going to have a hard time communicating on behalf of President Trump, but it appears he is also having trouble communicating in general. It may not be too much of a stretch to suggest that he is having trouble full stop.

A number of theories have spawned from these eight characters. Did Spicer leave his unlocked phone in his pocket and sent a string of nonsense? Has he decided to try a new spin tact by reducing Trump’s rambling nonsense into its most succinct form? Did he just tweet his own Twitter password by mistake?

What? How is that possible?


The Guardian’s Alex Hern theorised:

Basically, it looks as though he tried to access Twitter using two-factor authentication (logging in with your password and a unique verification code sent to your phone) and essentially just fluffed it.


Another Twitter user seemed to confirm the theory

Whatever the reason, it’s good to know that the people in positions of power in the White House are so competent.

Incidentally, don’t go trying to log into his Twitter, because a) it’s very illegal and b) they’ve probably changed his password by now, because as we know, these are Very Competent People.


Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

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