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09th Jun 2017

Trump has finally tweeted about James Comey’s hearing with the most Trump-ian tweet ever

Rory Cashin

We’re surprised it took him this long, to be honest…

So, in case you missed it, former head of the FBI James Comey made some pretty huge statements during his hearing, some of the highlights being:

  • Comey was confused about why he was fired over the Russia investigation and by the explanation that Trump gave to the public.
  • Comey has “no doubt” of Russian interference in the US election and no doubt that Russia hacked the servers of the Democratic Party. He also became aware of the cyber intrusion from Russia in late summer 2015.
  • President Trump did not ask him to stop these Russian investigations.
  • Comey admitted that there could be something in the investigation that’s criminal which doesn’t have anything to do with the election.

Comey also stated that he felt the need to document every meeting with Trump because: “I knew that there might come a day when I needed a record of what happened, not just to defend myself but to defend the FBI.”

“I interacted with President Obama. I spoke only twice in three years and didn’t document it… I had one one-on-one meeting with President Bush… but I didn’t feel with President Bush the need to document it in that way. I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting.”

And so, Trump has finally tweeted his opinion on the matter.

The tweet arrived at 11.10am UK time, which would make it 6.10am in Washington DC, when he announced:

Now, we’re not sure if Trump is claiming that Comey is a leaker due to his legal and official hearing, or if there are other reasons within the hearing that we somehow missed, but it does appear that this might be the most Trump-ian tweet that Trump has ever tweeted.

And that really is saying something.

We expect further reactions to the hearing in the coming weeks days hours, so be sure to check back here to see the reaction to Trump’s reaction.