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13th Jul 2018

Trump angry baby blimp takes flight in London’s Parliament Square

James Dawson

We have lift off

The 20-foot “angry baby blimp” depicting US president Donald Trump has been launched into the air above Parliament Square.

The flying blimp was funded via a crowdfunding project with over £30,000 having been raised so far. Its release into the air comes as 200,000 people are expected to march in London later today against the US leader’s four-day “working visit” to the UK.

Asked about the protest in his first press interview since arriving in the country with The Sun, Trump said that the blimp made him feel “unwelcome” in the capital and he saw “no reason” to visit the city. He said: “I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London.

“I used to love London as a city. I haven’t been there in a long time. But when they make you feel unwelcome, why would I stay there?”

Tens of thousands are expected to participate in protests during the US leader’s visit to Britain, the largest of which is expected to begin at 2pm this afternoon.

“Donald Trump is a big, angry baby with a fragile ego and tiny hands,” the group’s crowdfunding page said. “He’s also racist demagogue who is a danger to women, immigrants and minorities and a mortal threat to world peace and the very future of life on earth.”

“Moral outrage is water off a duck’s back to Trump,” the group added. “But he really seems to hate it when people make fun of him.”

As well as telling the Rupert Murdoch owned Sun that he had little desire to visit London, Donald Trump also used the interview to lay into Theresa May’s plans for Brexit and hail Boris Johnson as a future prime minister. “I am just saying I think he would be a great prime minister. I think he’s got what it takes,” he said.