Trump blames Biden for Israel-Gaza conflict saying Hamas 'wouldn't have fired' under his presidency 1 year ago

Trump blames Biden for Israel-Gaza conflict saying Hamas 'wouldn't have fired' under his presidency

He said that Biden was projecting an "attitude of weakness."

Donald Trump has blamed President Biden for the violence that has taken place between Israel and Palestine over the past 10 days, saying that it "wouldn't have happened with me."


In an interview with cable news network OAN aired on Thursday, the former president accused Biden of having an "attitude of weakness," and said that Biden had enfeebled the United States.

The interview was shown on Thursday night, just a matter of hours after Biden had informed the nation that a ceasefire had been agreed between Israel and Hamas.

The Mail reports that, in a typically eloquent interview, Trump said: "He's shown such weakness.


"They have planes flying over Taiwan now. You wouldn't have had this problem in Israel.

"They didn't shoot rockets. They are shooting thousands of rockets into Israel - that wouldn't have happened with me."

Trump was outspoken in his support for Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his presidency, and told OAN correspondent Chanel Rion that he feared for the future of the region.

He continued: "You get war, you get big war in the Middle East and it's going to get worse."


When asked what he would have done differently, Trump replied: "They have to know the president is going to be representing whatever it is you're talking about.

"It's an attitude. The attitude is that of weakness.

"This would never have happened."

He also highlighted Russia's aggressive moves towards Ukraine as a sign of American weakness, adding that his strength during his presidency had prevented North Korea from declaring war.


Trump has been banned from mainstream social media platforms since his presidency came to an end in January. His ban from Facebook and Instagram was recently upheld by the company's Oversight Board, and he admitted in the interview that this was hampering his bid for a 2024 presidential run.


However he said that he was looking to build a rival social network to compensate for his ban. For the time being it seems that he will have to make do with appearances on cable news channels to attack whoever his lazy gaze falls on each day.