Tory MP demands a portrait of the Queen 'in every home' 4 months ago

Tory MP demands a portrait of the Queen 'in every home'

It's such a batshit crazy idea that even Boris Johnson doesn't support it.

A Tory MP has started a campaign for every home or place of work to have a portrait of the Queen in it.


Joy Morrissey, the Conservative MP for Beaconsfield, has said that it is "time to rediscover our pride in being British", teaming up with the British Monarchists Society as part of the campaign.

Ms Morrissey said in a statement: "I am proud to be launching a national campaign with the British Monarchists Society to put a portrait of Her Majesty in every home, company and institution that would like one.

"It's time to rediscover our pride in being British."

On Twitter, she added: "I think this is a wonderful, patriotic and unifying campaign for our country. I will be writing to the Prime Minister to ask him to give it careful consideration and looking for opportunities to discuss further in Parliament."


However, even Boris Johnson can't bring himself to back this jingoistic nonsense.

When asked about the campaign, a spokesman for the PM said on Thursday: "There are many excellent ways people can show their support for the Royal Family."

They were unable to comment on whether Boris Johnson himself had a picture of the Queen in his Downing Street flat.

Of course, the campaign has been widely criticised and ridiculed on Twitter.

Dragon's Den star Deborah Meaden described the campaign as "stinking of the portraits put up in fear in despotic countries," whilst comedian David Baddiel pointed out that actually almost everyone already has a picture of the Queen in their home...



Others pointed out that there were perhaps more pressing concerns that the MP could be turning to, what with the pandemic going on and all that. Or listed some of the things that seemingly were receiving less attention than a campaign getting pictures of the Queen in homes.

Meanwhile, presenter and comedian Adil Ray suggested an alternative "unifying British campaign."


And author Emma Kennedy summed up the farce with a simple question.

"How many food banks are in your constituency?"

First it was "strong Britain, great nation." Now it's everyone hang a picture of the Queen in your homes. What will these Tory folk come up with next?

To find out tune in next time for another episode of 'United Kingdom 2021."