Tory lead over Labour dramatically slashed in latest poll 4 years ago

Tory lead over Labour dramatically slashed in latest poll

When the snap General Election was called, everyone thought it was the end for Labour.

The Tories were miles ahead in the polls, with Theresa May looked upon (and still looked upon) most favourably as leader of the country, and as anyone with ears and eyes will know, it's not been the smoothest of rides for Labour since Jeremy Corbyn became leader.


But since the election was called, Labour have steadily been clawing back polling points, and surprisingly the Tories have been dropping them. Last night, the results of a YouGov poll were published, showing Labour had closed the Conservative's lead to just five points.

A short while ago, the Tories were so far ahead that the election was virtually a done deal, leading by 24 points and almost certain to result in a Conservative landslide. A shambolic manifesto launch and poorly received social care policies has no doubt led to the Tories slipping.

Of course, as we all know from Brexit and the US Presidential election, you can't rely on polls for anything more than a topic for debate down the pub, but the closeness of the polling will almost certainly result in an upswell of optimism from Labour supporters and a vicious strategy of attack from the Conservative party.

Election campaigning is due to resume today following the attack in Manchester on Monday.