Video shows Tommy Robinson 'in scuffle with airport police after being deported from Mexico’ 2 months ago

Video shows Tommy Robinson 'in scuffle with airport police after being deported from Mexico’

Robinson got into a scuffle with "the most aggressive police officer" he'd ever witnessed

Footage has emerged showing Tommy Robinson having an altercation with a police officer at Manchester Airport.


It comes after the 39-year-old had apparently been deported from Mexico.

In the clip, an officer pushes the far-right activist against the wall before pulling out some handcuffs.

Another officer then arrives to help his colleague.


In a third clip, Robinson asks why he has been detained, with the officer explaining that he was "convinced" he had "breached security."

Robinson accuses him of assault, to which he replies: "I’ve not assaulted you. I’ve acted within the law because I believed at the time that you committed a crime."


The English Defence League founder then brands him "the most aggressive police officer I’ve ever witnessed", adding that he does not accept his apology.

On Saturday, Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, claimed that he had been detained in Mexico and was "being deported as a matter of national security."


Robinson himself shared footage of the airport altercation in Manchester on his Telegram, and begged his followers to send him money.

He later shared a video of him speaking to the camera, in which he said he was being deported "as a matter of national security."

Robinson said that information about the arrest is "confidential," the Mirror reports.

"I've never broken a law here. All I do at home is talk about Islam," he adds.

"I've never caused a problem, landed for what is clearly a family holiday, and I've been arrested, detained, and separated from my kids."


The Metro reports that he was trying to visit Mexico on holiday with his children.

This is despite him having declared bankruptcy last year after he was ordered to pay £100,000 to a Syrian teenager whom he falsely accused of "violently attacking young English girls in his school."

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