Tinder will soon let you run background checks on potential dates 1 year ago

Tinder will soon let you run background checks on potential dates

Forget the Google searches, or scrolling through the archives of their Facebook page...

The popular dating app, Tinder, as well as other Match Group-owned apps, will soon let their users carry out background checks on potential dates.


The background checks on Tinder will be carried out via Garbo, a non-profit online background check platform that provides consumers with access to records and reports.

Tinder users only need their date's name and mobile number in order to carry out a background check.

From a few simple clicks, they will be able to find out whether their potential match has ever been arrested, convicted of an offence, or has a history of violence.


On Garbo's official website, it says the online platform is designed "to help proactively prevent gender-based violence in the digital age."

Garbo aims to help people make more informed choices about their safety through the use of their online platform.

The background checks on Tinder will not be free of charge, however Match and Garbo are working together to ensure the feature is still accessible to the majority of app users.


Garbo is not yet a feature on Tinder, however the team are set to test Garbo on the dating app in the next couple of months. It is thought that other Match Group dating apps, including Hinge, Match and OKCupid could follow suit and use the online background check platform too.

Match will not share its users’ data with the background check platform, however users can ask for their potential date's name and phone number to run a simple background check before agreeing to go on a date.