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06th Nov 2015

This is the astonishing amount McDonald’s fries now costs in Venezuela

Start saving up...

Ben Kenyon

Venezuela’s economy is in the sh*t at the moment.

The socialist South American country is heavily reliant on selling oil…but as we know, the black stuff is currently trading at record lows.

But the ailing economy coupled with some rather extreme Government import policies has led to some crazy prices on things.

But none more crazy than the price of a large serving of McDonald’s French fries. The Government has imposed prohibitive tariffs on potato imports, so the fast food giant has been forced to buy spuds off Venezuelan farmers.

As a result, if you fancied a large portion of McDonald’s fries, which would only cost you £1.49 in the UK, you could expect to pay the equivalent of $133.

Yes, you read that right one hundred and thirty three f**king dollars (that’s £88 in proper money).

You can stump up 800 bolivars for them if you like, or there’s some black market alternatives for a more reasonable $1.13.

But that’s not the only crazy thing you could end up spunking your money on. A pack of 36 condoms is reportedly selling for $755 (£500) in the country, according to the Independent.