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05th Jan 2017

This guy has pretty much won uncle of the year already

This is an excellent effort.

Mike Wright

There are occasions that demand you look your best.

For most of us that would traditionally be big all-out celebrations like weddings or landmark birthdays.

Births, usually, not so much. Maybe it’s the traditionally rushed nature of getting down to a hospital to meet the newest addition to your family, maybe it’s just that maternity ward dress codes are not that strict.

Either way, it is not generally at time where people feel they should be at their sartorial sharpest.

That is unless you are 18-year-old Grant Kessler from Ohio in the US.

Earlier this week he had to head down to the hospital to meet his new niece, Carter. Not content with rocking up in jeans and a hoodie, he turned out in a dapper suit.

A wonderful fact documented for the world on Twitter by his sister Iris.

You have to agree that the pocket handkerchief and tie clip really finish off what is already a fine effort here.

Why would someone go to so much effort to meet a new born who may not be fully appreciative? Well, according to his sister, Grant’s reasoning was that “first impressions matter”.

Can’t fault the logic there, they do.

And his efforts have struck a chord with many as the tweet has been retweeted now more than 100,000 times.

When Grant finally got to meet his new niece, it looks like she may not have been in the optimum state to appreciate the sterling effort her uncle made for their first encounter.

But in the future, we’re sure she’ll understand what a quality uncle she’s landed herself there.

Excellent work, Grant. You’re already the strong front-runner for Uncle of the Year 2017.