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17th Sep 2015

These two pictures absolutely nail the huge problem with race in America

Think about it for a moment...

Ben Kenyon

One is a picture of a 14 year old boy who designed and built a home-made clock for a school science project. The other is an image of two youngsters posing with what appear to be lethal hunting rifles.

Guess which child got arrested?

These two images show America’s race problem in stark contrast.

It was Ahmed Mohamed from Irving Texas, who likes to make radios, fix go-karts and is a member of his school’s robotics club.

The bright teenager built a home-made clock using a switchboard and took it into school.

While most kids would be praised for their scientific brilliance, Ahmed was dragged out of class, arrested and interrogated for five hours because teacher thought it was a bomb.

This tweet says it all…

His father Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed told Dallas Morning News that his son “just wants to invent good things for mankind. But because his name is Mohamed and because of September 11, I think my son got mistreated.”