80% of Conservative supporters want Theresa May out before the next election 3 years ago

80% of Conservative supporters want Theresa May out before the next election

Supporters would prefer to see Theresa May resign before the country goes to the polls

The country is going through a divisive period politically but there is one party which can boast clear unity: the Conservatives. Sadly for Theresa May, though, it's not in the way their leader would like.


Between now and the next election, the prime minister should leave her post as party leader according to 80 per cent of Tory supporters, a new poll has found.

A whopping 35 per cent are hoping the Maidenhead MP makes way for a successor immediately with a further 45 per cent believing she has until the next general election to step aside.

After Mrs May's Chequers plan for Brexit landed like a lead balloon at the EU summit in Salzburg, which prompted a battling speech in rebuttal, a paltry 18.6 per cent of those asked by ConservativeHome hope to see her carry on through thick and thin.

The findings come at a tense moment for the government, with Brexit negotiations nearing their March 2019 deadline and the Tory party conference set to be a very difficult few days to navigate.

A number of influential MPs and supporters are expected to use the event in Birmingham to voice their concern over Mrs May's ability to see through the Brexit process, which could hand further impetus to Jeremy Corbyn after the Labour conference unfolded relatively incident free.

Despite that, the PM received a boost from a YouGov poll carried out during the Opposition's event in Liverpool, handing the Conservatives' a six-point lead over Labour in voters' Westminster election intentions.


A general election is certainly Labour's desire at this moment in time but the next vote is not scheduled for 2022, and another four years feels like an absolute lifetime given how quickly politics is currently moving.