The UK's best-loved Nando's has been revealed 5 years ago

The UK's best-loved Nando's has been revealed

We know what you're thinking, there's no such thing as a bad Nando's.

The restaurant chain is one of those magical things, like the London Olympics or a politician falling over, which brings the entire country together in agreement.


But it seems some branches of the peri-peri paradise are more popular than others.

Nandos burger 1

The Daily Mirror has conducted some basic research, using star ratings given in reviews, to identify which of the chicken chain's 300 plus UK branches is the best-loved.

They painstakingly worked out the average number of stars, with the number of five-star reviews used as a tie-breaker - and they needed a tie-breaker to determine the winner.

London has four entries in the top 10, but the capital's multiple branches weren't able to edge out two contenders in the north of England.

That honour of Britain's best-loved Nando's goes to the Boldon branch, not far from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which edged out Doncaster with more five-star reviews after both averaged 4.5/5. And it clearly already has something of a reputation.



Off to the North East we go.

The UK's Top 10 Best-Loved Nando's Branches

  1. Boldon, Tyne & Wear
  2. Doncaster, South Yorkshire
  3. Kings Cross, London
  4. Earl's Court, London
  5. Blackpool, Lancashire
  6. Victoria Wilton Road, London
  7. Belfast, County Antrim
  8. Liverpool, Merseyside
  9. Portsmouth, Hampshire
  10. Covent Garden, London