The UK tops global poll of sexiest accents in the world 1 year ago

The UK tops global poll of sexiest accents in the world

The government may be in turmoil, our economy and covid response a total joke and we're just about to crash out of the EU, but things are looking up for Brits as we've been given the honour of having the world's sexiest accent.

According to a survey by worldwide magazine Time Out, Brits were deemed by the world to have the sexiest speaking voices. The poll asked over 35,000 people in over 30 countries which accent was the best and we beat out heavy hitters like France and Italy to take the top spot.


The British accent took nearly 25% of the total vote and was given pole position in countries all over the world including China, Sweden, The USA and India.

A huge number of people in Asia found a British twang desirable as we triumphed in Malaysia and South Korea, with Japan singling out English as their favourite. Closer to home, our friends across the Irish Sea said that they found Scottish accents the most attractive and Brits said Irish was their favourite.

While traditionally, a French accent is seen as stereotypically sexy, they only came second with only 16% of the total vote. They found their support in places like Australia, Germany, Russia and Turkey.


Italy took the bronze medal with Spanish and Irish rounding the top 5 and Aussie and American also finding their way into the top 10.

In case any Brummies reading this think these results mainly apply to their accent, respondents said that the cities in the UK with the sexiest accents were London and Edinburgh.

Only one country in the survey had the balls to vote for itself as having the sexiest accent with Thais believing themselves to be the ultimate seducers.

The world’s sexiest accent is the latest finding from the 2020 edition of our Time Out Index survey, in which (among other, less controversial things) we asked more than 37,000 people in upwards of 30 countries which accent they found sexiest.