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20th Jun 2017

The Times is accused of ‘double standards’ following Tuesday’s front page

'Sick of these disgusting double standards'

Simon Lloyd

The front page of Tuesday’s Times newspaper has received criticism in the aftermath of the the terrorist attack at a London mosque.

47-year-old Darren Osborne, from Cardiff, has been held on suspicion of attempted murder and alleged terror offences after a van hit worshippers near the Muslim Welfare House mosque and community centre shortly after midnight on Sunday night.

The attack is one of four attacks to have been carried out in the UK in recent months, the third to have taken place in the capital.

Featuring a picture of Osborne, the main headline on Tuesday’s edition of The Times describes him as a ‘Jobless ‘lonewolf”, with a subheading adding that the man’s family had explained that he had suffered mental health problems.

Reacting to the front page, many accused the paper of having double standards, suggesting that it was markedly different from the coverage given to other recent terrorist attacks.