The Sun attract criticism and anger for 'insensitive' Manchester front page 5 years ago

The Sun attract criticism and anger for 'insensitive' Manchester front page

"How dare you?"

Many words have been written about how admirably Manchester has dealt with the aftermath of Monday's tragic events. Indeed, the way the city has come together in solidarity and love is a testament to the community spirit of the area. A number of inspirational and selfless figures have emerged from the darkness of what happened at the Manchester Arena.


That said, there is the tragic and inescapable truth that mothers are waking up without their daughters this morning, and families are missing loved ones. When the cameras have gone, and the news cycle moves on to something else, those grieving losses from the senseless attack will continue to live without the people they love.


The youngest victim was Saffie Rose Roussos, who was only eight years old. Her headteacher, Chris Upton, described her as "simply a beautiful little girl in every aspect of the word...she was loved by everyone and her warmth and kindness will be remembered fondly. Saffie was quiet and unassuming with a creative flair."

To add to the heartbreaking sadness of the situation, Saffie's mother remains unconscious in intensive care, after being hit by shrapnel herself, and a family friend fears she is still unaware of her young daughter's passing.


Most of the reporting around the tragedy has been sensitive and respectful, with Wednesday's front pages carrying powerful front pages. They have managed to tow the line between poignant and sensationalist admirably well. All except the Sun.

The wilfully controversial tabloid has done what none of their rival publications felt right to do, and published a huge image of the attack perpetrator on their cover. Thusly they have given him the fame and notoriety that he no doubt craved.

Not only that, but to serve a horribly crass 'Pure/Evil' pun, they have juxtaposed his face with that of smiling and beautiful Saffie. Clearly, they see no problem with marrying an image of an innocent little girl with her heartless murderer in order to sell papers.

The Sun Apologises, an anti-Sun twitter account, have pixellated the cowardly killer's face in the image below. The Sun itself do not.


As you can imagine, the response has been angry and incredulous. Even by the Sun's lowly standards, it is shocking. Alas they'll have factored in the upset that their actions will have caused, but decided to go ahead anyway. Because they're the Sun and being shameless pricks is what they do.