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25th May 2021

The Office star Mark York dies aged 55

Claudia McInerney

The Office actor Mark York has died aged 55, it has been confirmed

York died on 19 May at Miami Valley Hospital in Ohio after experiencing a ‘brief and unexpected illness.’

The much-loved actor’s obituary stated: “Even though he has been paraplegic since 1988, he had such an outgoing, uplifting, positive attitude and personality. He always tried to look at what he could accomplish and do, not what he couldn’t do.

“He had experienced many travel opportunities and many dreams for the future. In the past several years, he had been working as an inventor, and had obtained two patents for his inventions.”

The actor, who was paralysed in the lower body since 1988, is best known for starring as Billy Merchant in the early episodes of the US sitcom The Office.

The actor, who was raised in Ohio, moved to California and embarked on his successful his acting career. He landed roles in both CSI: New York and 8 Simple Rules, before he starred in The Office.

His obituary stated that York “loved TV and the film industry.

“Mark could quote so many lines from movies and tell you who particular actors were in most movies.”

The actor is survived by his parents Becky and Glenn York and his brother, Brian.