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24th Mar 2016

The Londoner who confronted a Muslim woman over Brussels has been arrested

Declan Cashin

Londoner Matthew Doyle sparked outrage yesterday when he bragged on Twitter about challenging a Muslim woman to “explain” the Brussels terrorist attacks.


Social media users united in condemnation – and mockery – about Doyle’s comments, which seemed to only egg him on to make more trolling remarks on Twitter.

Doyle, a publicity manger, later deleted the offensive tweet, and started claiming that the whole incident was a “wind-up”, and that if it was really a serious issue, he’d “be reported”.

Well, Metropolitan police announced last night that the 46-year-old had been arrested for “inciting racial hatred”.

The force confirmed to The Guardian that the man was kept in custody on Wednesday night. There’s no information yet about if he will be charged.