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12th Jul 2016

The Lib Dems have just trolled Theresa May on their website

Carl Anka

Theresa May is still to be confirmed as Prime Minister, but that hasn’t stopped rival political parties from getting their claws out.

It’s expected that May will be installed as the new PM by Wednesday, following the shocked u-turn from rival Andrea Leadsom which left her as the only candidate remaining in the Conservative Party leadership race.

In what has been another tumultuous week in British politics, the Liberal Democrats have updated the 404 error page on their website to reflect the changing of the guard.

Early Tuesday morning, Redditor lvix spotted the following page on the Liberal Democrats official page.

Lib Dems 404 - Theresa May

The message comes in response after people pointed out a comment Ms. May made in 2007 when Gordon Brown replaced Tony Blair as Prime Minister without a general election. As the Prime Minister-in-waiting put it, Brown lacked “mandate to be prime minister”, so people are taking issue with her assuming the role in a similar nature.

Quite the burn, that was picked up by a lot of people on social media.

This isn’t the first time the Lib Dems have taken a swipe at a Conservative Prime Minister. Back during the run up to the 2015 General Election, their 404 page had this message.

Lib Dems 404 - David Cameron

It’s a wonder how the Coalition government ever managed. We almost miss it.