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12th Jul 2016

The launch of Angela Eagle’s Labour leadership bid was beyond cringeworthy


Nooruddean Choudry

Our toes won’t uncurl.

On Monday, former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle finally launched her bid to become the new leader of the Labour Party. Current incumbent Jeremy Corbyn is under increasing pressure from fellow MPs to vacate the role, and Eagle has been identified as a potential replacement.

However, the start of her leadership campaign has done her credibility no favours at all. In fact it has been roundly mocked as being ‘beyond parody’. Many feel The Thick Of It creator Armando Iannucci could not have written a more comical and knuckle-bitingly awkward script.

There was much mirth to be had regarding Eagle’s official logo, which shows ‘Angela’ written in script font over a neon pink background. Unfortunately, it looks a lot like an ‘Argh!’ yell of help…

Many found the ‘Angela’ brand to be suspiciously reminiscent of Alan Partridge’s logo from the comedy character’s chat show and failed book launches…

There were also criticisms that the whole iamge was more akin to a makeup launch than a serious political bid…

But most embarrassing of all was Eagle’s request for questions after her presentation. It seems that she had overestimated how many well-known political journalists were at the event.

Sadly for the awkward looking leadership hopeful, everyone was more focused on Andrea Leadsom pulling out of the Conservative Party race, meaning that Home Secretary Theresa May would succeed David Cameron as the new Prime Minister.

Eagle was left to field questions from members of media who weren’t present. It was toe-curlingly embarrassing to watch…