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06th Apr 2016

If you think our politicians are acting like bratty kids, then this campaign ad is for you

These five-year-old kids are better politicians than the real thing

Jordan Gold

Who would best run the country: our current political class, or a bunch of sugar-addled five-year-olds?

By using a class of school kids to illustrate the childish behaviour of today’s British politicians, the Green Party has produced the best election campaign video of the year.

Watch as a young London mayor Boris Johnson rides his ‘Boris Tricycle’ round the playground. A little David Cameron tries to ignore him, while a miniature Sadiq Khan debates doll house policy with a micro Zac Goldsmith in the sandpit.

A blurb on YouTube explains that the party is aiming to:

“…demonstrate how the Greens do politics – and election broadcasts – differently. Tired of playground politics? We’re the only party that offers a true alternative to the business-as-usual and believes in an economy that gives everyone their fair share.”

This isn’t the first time the Green Party has excelled at political ads either. Last year they cleaned up with a short viral mural about Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Tories and UKIP.

The local elections are due to take place on May 5 this year across the UK. #GrownUpPolitics