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13th Nov 2016

The first glimpse of the stunning supermoon has got everyone very excited

Some incredible photos...

Ben Kenyon

It’s a very rare celestial phenomenon, so it’s no wonder everyone’s getting quite excited about it.

We probably know more about our star signs from the back of the newspaper than we do about actual astronomy, to be honest.

But proper scientists assure us that this is going to be the biggest supermoon anyone has witnessed in living memory.

It’s because of the moon’s orbit around the earth which will be at its closest for more than 70 years, making it an incredible spectacle for photographers and star gazers around the globe.

Already people around the world have been gazing in amazement at the night sky – and this evening is only a dress rehearsal for the main event tomorrow.

The supermoon will reportedly be at it’s fullest, brightest and most fantastically dazzling on Monday evening.

But that didn’t stop people across Britain and around the world from going outside and snapping some pretty incredible shots of the rare occurrence.

In fact Sunday might have been the best opportunity to see this lunar event, as the Met Office report that Monday’s weather will see much of the UK’s view obscured by a layer of cloud.

While many people were getting out into the countryside in places like Glastonbury to see the spectacle, people were getting brilliant shots of the supermoon in central London.

The last time the Moon was this close was reportedly back in 1948 and we may not see another one like this until November 25, 2034 (that’s the year, not the time).

The reason for this massive moon is because of the rocky satellite’s orbit around the earth being elliptical rather than uniformly circular.

So as the moon revolves around the earth it’s sometimes close and sometimes further away – but it’s when a full moon falls on the day that it’s closest to the Earth that we get a larger-looking Moon.

Some of people’s pictures have been quite impressive – and if you live somewhere cold, grey and up North and haven’t had the chance to see it, this is what it looks like…

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