The elderly couple that went raving in a London club have thanked the DJ for the tunes (and a free taxi) 6 years ago

The elderly couple that went raving in a London club have thanked the DJ for the tunes (and a free taxi)

Early last month London nightlife saw itself play host to some of the coolest OAPs around.

A lovely elderly couple from Poland were looking for some good places to go out for a trip in London and ended up raving in Fabric nightclub well into the early morning.


Turning up for the WetYourSelf Wednesday club night at 10pm and enjoying cups of tea in between dancing ballroom style on the club floor until they left at 5am, the pair soon struck friendship with DJ Jacob Hansen.

Now, the partying pensioners are back, with a lovely letter for Jacob, thanking him for getting the pair a free taxi home after their night out.


Opening with a "Dear Sir Jacob Hansen", the letter tells us of how the OAPs night out came to be.

"We had a wonderful time dancing with young Londoners who also welcomed us very warmly, they took some photos with us dancing. One of the fans gave me a present, a cup with a caption ‘Handome [sic] Hustler’. Here, I’d like to thank a young 27 year old girl. She was very nice and kind, she took care of us since we entered the club until she left at 3 a.m. saying goodbye."

The letter, penned by the husband, talks of his wife Stanislawa and how it was their dream to visit the nightclub.


"I’ve got a dream to visit the Fabric and listen to the music since 8 years. In our opinion, Fabric is the best club in London. There are no such words to describe the atmosphere and the great fun. These moments sunk in the memory for the rest of life. It is a huge club, the interior is mysterious, the acoustics is fantastic. The sound is coming from all sides and reaching people on the dancefloor. The club has also got a great security."

The full letter, where the couple reassure that this most definitely is not a publicity stunt, can be found here on Jacob's Facebook page.

‘Personally, I’m not a big fan of techno but I am a fan of electronic dance music which Fabric used to play,’ the letter says. "I’d recommend to Mr Hansen to play this kind of music once a week or three times a month, it’s worth trying."

Well said folks, we're off to tweak our Spotify playlists accordingly.