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20th Jan 2017

The difference in crowd size between Obama and Trump’s inauguration is staggering

Where is everybody?

Rich Cooper

Well, it’s here. The day that few thought would come, and apparently even fewer decided to turn out for.

As the eight-year presidency of Barack Obama comes to an end, today Donald Trump will take on the big job and become President Trump. The inauguration of a president is a big deal, but when Obama became the first African-American president, it was another story.

Supporters from across the country came down to Washington to watch Obama take the oath. Hundreds of thousands of people filled out the National Mall to see the President take office. This was a historic moment.

But today, there were decidedly less people coming out to watch the transition of power from Obama to Trump.

Now it is January in Washington, which is a chilly time of year, but could there possibly be a link between the low turnout and Donald Trump’s current approval rating (the lowest of any president-elect in history)? Who can say.

…it’s probably pretty likely though.