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15th Feb 2017

The #askpaulnuttall hashtag has gone viral and the questions are sensational

Trust issues

Nooruddean Choudry

Paul Nuttall’s word has been questioned on more than one occasion of late.

For someone who stresses again and again that he is honest to a fault, poor Paul continually has to correct claims attributed to himself – often on his own websites and press briefings – that he argues he never made.

So there was the time his LinkedIn page said he had a PhD – that he said wasn’t him. And when a 2010 press release claimed he played for Tranmere Rovers – that he said wasn’t him. And most recently the suggestion on his website that he lost close friends in the Hillsborough disaster – that he said wasn’t him. Oh, and the whole living in Stoke thing too.

The good folk of the internet have noticed this most unlucky series of unfortunate events and hijacked a #askpaulnuttall hashtag to splendid effect. Twitter was made for moments like this…