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14th Apr 2019

Give this website your dates and it’ll tell you the cheapest flights from your city

This is GENIUS.

Anna O'Rourke

Not yet booked your summer holiday?

We all want to go somewhere beautiful for our summer holidays, whether it’s by ourselves, with our friends, partner or our family, it never hurts to get out of your usual surroundings and lounge about for a week.

This summer – if cost is your main concern and you’re not too fussy about where you go, don’t even bother looking at flights until you’ve been to Escape.

This travel website lets you find the cheapest flights possible for whatever dates you’re free.

It’s ideal for those of us who have to take holidays from work at a specific time or anyone who gets a surprise few days off and wants to head away.

Just put in where you are, when you want to go and watch the suggestions for flights roll in.

You can fiddle with settings to let you factor in things like more specific areas to search, weather, how popular a destination is with other travellers and whether you’ll need a visa to go somewhere.

Escape’s simplicity not only means it’s super easy to use but that it’s also very visually pleasing.


Like Skyscanner and other flight comparison websites, once you’ve chosen your flights you’re taken through to the airline’s own site to book.

Looks like planning trips away just got a whole lot easier.