Telegraph columnist sacked after racist Meghan Markle tweet 7 months ago

Telegraph columnist sacked after racist Meghan Markle tweet

Journalist tweets racist remarks resulting in her employer showing her the door

Journalist Julie Burchill, who has bought you classic headlines like, "The sexist left has never liked a right-wing woman," has been axed from The Telegraph following an overtly racist tweet. Having tweeted a name suggestion about Meghan and Harry's newest arrival, Julie Burchill took to Facebook to make the announcement.


"I've been sacked by the Telegraph – it's been a lovely five years, and I'll always be grateful to them for ending my wilderness years," she wrote on Facebook.

"However, I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't often moaned to my husband recently about them always rejecting my edgy column ideas and giving me more pedestrian ones – which I've done splendidly anyway."

"Onwards and upwards!" she concluded.

The tweet in question says: "What a missed opportunity! They could have called it Georgina Floydina!"


A lawyer who replied to her tweet with another morally dubious statement was also sacked from her firm on Monday.

The post is obviously a nod to the abhorrent murder of George Floyd last year at the hands of a law enforcement officer. It was rightly criticised on social media, with many calling for her sacking. Perhaps she can go and write her "edgy" columns somewhere else?