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30th Mar 2016

Teens are testing out if banana skins really are slippery in the #BananaPeelChallenge

Carl Anka

You can learn a lot from cartoons.

Never get in a footrace with a road runner. Always take that left turn at Albuquerque.

And importantly, banana peels are slippery.

Apparently that last lesson has been lost on a bunch of teens, who are creating a new meme – the #BananaPeelChallenge – to see if walking on a banana skin can make you trip up.

It all started this weekend with Jason Oakes’ investigative video.

From that, great pratfalls were had and the #BananaPeelChallenge was borne.


Some of them look great in slow motion

While others underestimated just how far they would fly

Even the military got involved…

Not to mention some television broadcasters.

What a life.

Remember kids: stay safe out there. Banana skins are slippery. It doesn’t really matter if its duck or rabbit season.