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16th Apr 2016

The ‘fire spray challenge’ is the latest highly dangerous craze among teenagers

This is sadly pretty popular with the kids right now...

Jordan Gold

There’s no helping some people…

Forget Neknominations and Ice Bucket Challenges, the latest entry onto the list of bizarre and dangerous trends comes in the from of an aerosol can and a lighter.

This brutal homemade flamethrower craze – dubbed the Fire Spray Challenge – might seem idiotic, but it’s making people insta-famous on apps like Periscope and Snapchat.

#FireSprayChallenge has been a trending hashtag on Twitter for a while now, with complaints from the London Fire Brigade and several personal videos going viral.

Other than teenagers placing themselves in the obvious danger of setting fire to themselves, there’s also the risk that younger kids will see their actions online and try it out for themselves.

As the London Fire Brigade have suggested, it just isn’t worth the risk…