Teenagers offer free hand sanitiser to shoppers in Bradford, but it's super glue 1 month ago

Teenagers offer free hand sanitiser to shoppers in Bradford, but it's super glue

Kids do the darnedest, most infuriating things

We all did stupid things when we were teenagers. Smoking cigarettes behind the bike sheds, stealing bottles of booze from our parents' cabinet, staying out significantly later than we were supposed to - these were common acts for a lot of people back in the day.

But, as with every demographic, there was always people that took it just a little too far.

As we get older, we often feel distant from the new crop of youngsters, assuming they are different to us. But some things will never go out of fashion, and pranking hapless people is one of them.

That's where a group of teenagers in Bradford come in. For the last ten months or so, hand sanitiser has been a common sight in shops and other retail establishments.

According to Yorkshire Live, the teenagers filled a hand sanitiser bottle with super glue, and then stood outside the branch of Morrison's at Five Lane Ends, Bradford.

According to eyewitnesses, the teenagers approached shoppers and offered them a squirt of sanitiser.

Shopper Kathy Smith told Yorkshire Live that she almost fell for the ruse.

"The lad approached me showing me the bottle of ‘sanitiser’ asking if I would like a free pump," she said.

"He was eagerly waiting for me to hold my hand out with a massive smile on his face."

"They all started to laugh. I asked, ‘what’s in the bottle?’ He said, ‘sanitiser’ while laughing."

"I heard one of the lads laughing and he said: 'Fucking superglue'.

"They all walked off laughing when I said,’ ‘I’ll pass thanks."

We obviously cannot condone the behaviour of these rowdy teenagers.

So the lesson here is, be wary of teens who offers you hand sanitiser in a car park in Bradford. But also, don't stop using hand sanitiser, folks. Keep washing those hands, and wearing your mask.