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23rd Apr 2016

Teen facing robbery charges for putting Coke in a water cup at McDonald’s

Fizzy rascal

Ellen Tannam

Imagine facing actual robbery charges over a fizzy drink?

That’s exactly what has happened to 18-year-old Cody Morris from Springdale in Arkansas.

According to local news outlet 4029TV, the teen was arrested for putting soda inside a water cup at his local McDonald’s – and refused to return the contraband.

The manager called the police to report a robbery. Apparently, three people went to the drive-thru to ask for three large cups of water. The trio then exited the car and refilled the cups with the fizzy beverage of their choice. Mavericks.

When asked to return the soda, two of the three obliged, but Morris staunchly refused.

Morris and his accomplices then tried to leave, hitting the manager with their vehicle as they escaped. The culprit, who was the driver of the car, was arrested at a bowling alley and charged with felony robbery.

He could now be looking down the line at a prison sentence – and all for a bucket of sugar water.

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