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26th Dec 2016

These girls got teddies with their late grandpa’s voice and the video is bringing everyone to tears

A truly magical Christmas moment.

Rich Cooper

Christmas is a time for family, but it’s also a time when we remember those that are no longer with us.

Unfortunately, this was the case for Jennifer Ramos and her family in Oklahoma. They lost Jennifer’s grandfather Florencio Jimenez in a tragic incident during a robbery at a car wash last year, BuzzFeed reports.

This would be the kids’ first Christmas without their grandfather, but their Aunt Andrea had a special surprise waiting for them under the Christmas tree.

She had special teddy bears built with voice messages from their grandfather that would play when the girls squeezed the bears.

Jennifer caught the moment on video, and it’s one of the most heartbreakingly-beautiful things you’ll see this Christmas.

The voice of grandfather Florencio was edited from home movie footage taken before his death. Each message was an ‘inside joke’ for each of the girls. Now whenever they want to hear their grandpa’s voice, all they need to do is give their bears a hug.


Pass the tissues…