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03rd Feb 2017

This teacher has a special handshake for each of his students because he’s cooler than you

Where was this guy when we were at school?

Alex Finnis

This teacher is cooler than that one “cool teacher” you liked when you were at school.

He’s also cooler than you.

At school, the “cool teacher” was basically just a teacher who would sometimes spend the odd lesson talking about pointless (but fun) bollocks instead of following the curriculum, probably because they were quite hungover that day and had also forgotten to prepare for the lesson the night before.

And that was great to be fair – any excuse to not work was good by us.

But as much as you may have loved your favourite teacher (unless they were all total bastards), did you ever have your own special, personalised secret handshake with them? No, I didn’t think so.

This teacher from North Carolina has gone viral because he has done exactly that, except he has a special, individual handshake for each one of his pupils – 16 of them to be exact.

There’s a bit of dancing and a few dabs chucked in there too for good measure – it’s obvious the class has put a bit of time into learning the routine.

But the best thing about it? By the time all the handshakes are done, it’s basically break time already.