Teacher draws penis on student's work, and keeps job (Pic) 5 years ago

Teacher draws penis on student's work, and keeps job (Pic)

Although plenty of folk will tell you teaching is a dead easy job (loads of holidays, home at 3.15 etc.) it can be quite tough.

The feeling of trying to engage with a child that doesn't really give a sh*t about being in school is one of the more frustrating aspects of the job and something that loads of teachers will be able to relate with.


Kim Juzdowski, a language arts teacher in a Texan school, appears to have had a similar bone to pick when she reportedly realised that one of her students wasn't really paying much attention in her class.

Her response? Draw a massive cock and balls all over the kid's assignment.

A Chapin High teacher draws a penis on student's assignment http://bit.ly/1GFdbig

Posted by KVIA.com on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

And while some teachers that are reading this might dream of being able to get away with such a stunt, it hasn't gone down too well.


The kid's mother, also a teacher, reacted in disbelief.

“I'm an educator myself so I said, there's no way the teacher really did this,” she told a local radio station.

Despite her doubts, the teacher reportedly acknowledger her wrongdoing and, according to Mashable, has (somehow) kept her job.

Maybe time will prove us wrong, but we can't see any schools adding this particular tool to their marking policies any time soon.