Taxi drivers' bravery and kindness praised after Manchester terror attack 5 years ago

Taxi drivers' bravery and kindness praised after Manchester terror attack

In times of need, gestures like this make all the difference.

While emergency services rushed to offer assistance to the those affected by the horrific incident which took place at the Manchester Arena on Monday evening, taxi drivers also played their part in helping concert-goers escape the scene safely.


At least 22 people lost their lives in a suspected terror attack following an Ariana Grande concert, with a further 59 injured according to the latest update from Manchester police.

Just after 10.30pm on Monday night, police responded to reports of an explosion at the arena.

The city showed its strength in unity as the hashtag #RoomsForManchester was used by generous members of the public to offer shelter to those in need.


And, on Tuesday morning, the contribution of the taxi drivers in the city and from cities nearby, was praised with several working through the night and offering free rides to assist those who had no way to get home.

The two daughters of Liverpool city mayor, Steve Rotheram, were at the Manchester Arena and they arrived home safe and sound thanks to one driver's perseverance.


The above was just one instance of the persistence of taxi drivers to do whatever they could to help out but social media has been inundated in the hours since the attack with examples of thanks being given to the brave and kind-hearted drivers who played their part.

Colin Paterson, BBC arts and entertainment correspondent, revealed the generosity of certain taxi drivers travelling all the way from Liverpool to provide assistance.


"As I was there, taxis were asking people 'would you like a lift anywhere'," he told BBC News.

"There are stories of cab drivers coming from Liverpool offering people lifts."