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16th Aug 2021

Taliban admits amputations, stonings and executions could return after Afghanistan takeover

Kieran Galpin


Taliban promises human rights while also refusing to rule out brutal punishments

The Taliban regained control of Kabul on Monday, celebrating in the presidential office as the rest of the world looks on with worried eyes. A spokesperson for the military group has said that amputations, stonings and executions will not be ruled out as punishments.

Suhail Shaheen, a spokesperson for the Taliban, said that extreme punishments “[Are] up to the religious followers and the courts. They will decide about the punishment.”

Asked specifically about the chopping off of limbs, stonings and state killings, Shaheen told the BBC: “I can’t say right now. It is up to the courts and the judges and the laws.”

The Taliban’s brutal punishments were prominent during their rule. Fears of similar punishments have been circling, especially when it comes to the treatment of women.

“We assure the people, particularly in the city of Kabul, that their properties, their lives are safe.”

Fears over the treatment of women have been circling since the Taliban’s history of treating women as second class citizens is commonly known. They were not allowed access to education or even employment. However, Shaheen has said this is no longer the case.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Shaheen said women “will have access to education and work” and be able to leave their homes without male accompaniment.

“We will respect rights of women – our policy is that women will have access to education and work, to wear the hijab.”

Whether the Taliban will honour their promises is yet to be seen. However, many Afghan citizens are not willing to gamble and have fled to the airport which is still under Western control.

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