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15th Nov 2016

Super Mario Run will launch on iPhone and iPad before Christmas

Not long to wait now.

Tony Cuddihy

It’s just a month away.

Super Mario Run will launch on iOS on December 15, just in time for the Grinches among you to ignore Christmas.

News of the game received a warm reception at Apple’s iPhone 7 launch event in September, and it will be available on both iPhone and iPad from the middle of next month.

The game will be initially free to download, BUT… users will then have to pay £7.99 to unlock the full game.

That’s how they get ya.

That being said, we’d pretty happily pay a tenner for the hours of fun that this will bring.

Not convinced by the video above? Here’s a bit more detail about the sort of thing we can expect Nintendo to have in store with their upcoming release.

It’s going to be a busy few months for the company, whose new hybrid console the Nintendo Switch is due to drop in March next year.

So that gives you three solid months of Super Mario Run before the release of a new console on which you’ll surely be able to access another Mario Bros title, even if it’s not quite ready upon launch.

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