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28th Apr 2016

Suicide bomber detonates too soon, while video shows up “chaotic” ISIS; ‘Four Lions’ jokes ensue

Propaganda fails all round

Jordan Gold

A would-be suicide bomber in Kunduz province, Afghanistan, reportedly exploded early by accident, killing himself and seven other jihadists in their hideout in the village of Nahar Kohna.

According to the Afghani Ministry of Interior, the group, who intended to attack crowded areas, had their plans foiled by an own goal when one bomber’s suicide belt prematurely went off, causing several other devices to detonate.

The cell is believed to be linked to Mullah Waliwas, a radical Taliban commander.

Somewhat inevitably, the botched attack has drawn comparisons to Chris Morris’ 2010 terrorism satire Four Lions, about a group of inept suicide bomber wannabes.

In related news, a video obtained by Vice News purports to be a recording from a camera strapped to the helmet of an ISIS terrorist in Northern Iraq.

The ISIS member in question died in a battle in the region in March, and the surviving video shows the group to be badly organised and prone to panic, before retreating from the fight.

This, too, had led to Four Lions comparisons online: