Abu Hamza's son 'seeks return' to UK after citizenship revoked while fighting in Syria 2 years ago

Abu Hamza's son 'seeks return' to UK after citizenship revoked while fighting in Syria

Sufyan Mustafa claims to have been against Assad in the war and is currently in Turkey

The son of jailed hate preacher Abu Hamza has reportedly made a plea to the UK government to return to the country of his birth, having previously had his citizenship revoked.


With Hamza currently serving a life sentence on terrorism charges in the United States, Mustafa went to Syria in 2013 where he claims to have been fighting against the Assad regime - also previously denouncing ISIS. Nonetheless, he is suspected of terrorist offences by authorities.

Mustafa then entered Turkey and has made attempts to come back to Britain, reportedly being stopped from boarding a flight last year. Furthermore, his Moroccan nationality means he cannot be made stateless by the Home Office.

"He is trying to appeal against the decision to take away his British citizenship," The Sun quoted a source as saying. "He has been told he can travel from Turkey to Morocco but doesn’t wish to.

"The key thing is that he is not stateless as he has the option of going to Morocco. There is no obligation on the Home Office to accept him back.

"He has been held in detention as the Turks do not want him and neither does Britain. But Sufyan does not wish to go to Morocco and is desperate to return here."

The seventh son of Hamza, to the cleric's second wife Najat, 24-year-old Mustafa's case differs from that of Shamima Begum, the ISIS bride whose citizenship is being revoked after her time spent in the Syrian war.