Sudan coup leader steps down after just one day 1 year ago

Sudan coup leader steps down after just one day

He stayed just one day

The head of Sudan's military council has stood down a day after leading a coup that toppled President Omar al-Bashir amid a wave of protests.

The head of Sudan’s new ruling military council, General Awad Ibn Auf, announced his departure after being sworn in late on Thursday following the ousting of long-time president Omar al-Bashir.

"I, the head of the military council, announce I am giving up the post," Ibn Auf said.

"This is for the benefit of our nation, without having to look at special interests, big or small that may impede its progress," he said in a brief statement.

"I would like to recommend that you work together and reach a solution very speedily."

He named another, less controversial army general as his successor at the head of a military-led council.

The military has said it will stay in power for two years, followed by elections.

However, protest leaders have stated they will not leave the streets until the military hands over to a civilian government.

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), which has been leading the protests, called for more demonstrations on Saturday for civilian rule.

"Today, we continue the march to finish the victory for our victorious revolution," the SPA said in a statement to Reuters.

"We assert that our revolution is continuing and will not retreat or deviate from its path until we achieve ... our people’s legitimate demands of handing over power to a civilian government," it said.

The council also announced it would not extradite Bashir to face allegations of genocide at the international criminal court and Bashir could now face trial in Sudan.