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24th Jun 2017

Stormzy on Grenfell: “We’re urging the f**king government to be held accountable for their f**kery”

Paul Moore

Pure passion from the Londoner.

Aside from creating the largest mosh-pit that Glastonbury has seen and delivering a cracking set, Stormzy was whipping up a storm during his performance at the Other Stage.

Not only did he pay an emotional tribute to the people that tragically lost their lives in the Grenfell tower fire, the grime artist has channeled his anger towards the government and the fact that various safety concerns from residents in the apartment block were frequently ignored.

In fact, Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, confirmed this evening that “the cladding from 34 high-rise buildings, in 17 local authority areas, has failed the combustibility test.”

He added : “All landlords and fire and rescue services for those local authorities have been alerted to the results and we are in touch with all 17 areas to support and monitor follow-up action. The landlords for all the affected buildings are taking action to inform tenants and implement the interim safety measures needed. Areas affected include the city of Manchester, Camden, Plymouth, Hounslow, Portsmouth, Barnet and Brent. The fact that all samples so far have failed the tests underlines the value of the testing programme we have set up with the Building Research Establishment to get samples checked properly in the laboratories. It is therefore very important for local authorities and housing associations to continue to submit such samples as a matter of urgency.”

Granted, those affected by the fire are being relocated , but Stormzy used his set at Glastonbury to address his frustrations regarding the situation.

“I thought I’d touch on that today. But I’m just going to say this very quickly, and I know that everyone here is going to agree with me. We are urging the authorities to tell the f**king truth. That’s first and foremost. We are urging the authorities to do something. We’re urging the f**king government to be held accountable for their f**kery that they’ve put people through and we’re not going to stop until we f**king get what we deserve.”

Take a look.