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21st Jun 2017

Victims of the Grenfell Tower fire have been given luxury flats

Paul Moore

68 apartments is just the start. “This process will continue until every family has been housed.”

The government has acquired its first block of permanent new homes to rehouse local residents affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower.

The 68 flats are all newly constructed social housing and form part of the Kensington Row development in Kensington and Chelsea.

The apartments are “newly-built social housing” in a complex where the price of private homes starts at £1.5m.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid made the announcement and said that : “The residents of Grenfell Tower have been through some of the most harrowing and traumatic experiences imaginable and it is our duty to support them. Our priority is to get everyone who has lost their home permanently rehoused locally as soon as possible, so that they can begin to rebuild their lives. The government will continue to do everything we can as fast as we can to support those affected by this terrible tragedy.”

As stated on the government’s website, “work is ongoing to identify the needs of those affected who have lost their homes and match them to suitable housing.  The expectation is that these new properties will be offered as one of the options to permanently rehouse residents from Grenfell Tower. More than 110 housing needs assessments have been completed to date and offers will then be made to families and this process will continue until every family has been housed.”

Speaking with The Standard, Sir Edward Lister (Chairman of the Homes and Communities Agency) said: “We are identifying suitable properties in the local area to rehouse residents as quickly as possible, as well as offering support to local authorities to run checks on any high-rise buildings. We will do everything in our power to help those whose lives have been blighted by this horrendous fire and reassure those who live in similar buildings that their homes are safe.”

The new permanent housing is expected to be completed by the end of July and each home will be fully furnished and completed to a high specification.

The developer will also provide liaison staff for each block so that residents are fully supported in settling in to their new homes.

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