Starmer's partygate takedown on Boris so brutal PM might finally get what he's done wrong 2 months ago

Starmer's partygate takedown on Boris so brutal PM might finally get what he's done wrong

The Labour leader said the Prime Minister was 'a man without shame'.

Sir Keir Starmer has told Conservative MPs to "bring an end to this shameful chapter" and "remove the prime minister from office" during a brutal takedown on Tuesday afternoon.


The Labour leader was responding to Boris Johnson's statement to the house of commons, in which the PM apologised to MPs for attending a gathering during lockdown in 2020.

Johnson said: “On April 12 I received a fixed penalty notice relating to an event on June 19 2020.

“I paid the fine immediately and I offered the British people a full apology.


“I would like to repeat my wholehearted apology to the house.

“As soon as I received the notice, I acknowledged the hurt and the anger. I said that people had a right to expect better of their prime minister. I repeat that again in the House now.”

Starmer, addressing the Tory backbenchers said: "don’t follow in the slipstream of an out of touch, out of control prime minister. Put their conscience first. Put their country first.

"Remove the prime minister from office. Bring decency, honesty and integrity back into our politics and stop the denigration of everything this country stands for."


The Labour leader described the PM’s excuses over partygate as a “joke”.

“The damage is done," he said. "The public have made up their mind. They don’t believe a word the PM says.

“As ever, those close to him find themselves ruined.

“Good ministers forced to walk away from public service. The Chancellor’s career is up in flames and the Scottish Conservative leader has been rendered pathetic.


“For all those unfamiliar with this PM’s career - this isn’t some fixable glitch in the system - it’s what he does and who he is.”

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