Spotify might have changed the game with this new device 4 years ago

Spotify might have changed the game with this new device

This will be hugely popular

Last week, Spotify announced that they will be sharing some big news at an event on 24 April this year.


Already speculation is underway as to what the big announcement will be, but there's a couple of stories which have caught our eye.

The Verge are reporting that Spotify have been working on voice commands on their app and have joined the dots to conclude that the announcement will be an in-car controller for the streaming service that would allow drivers to control music playback with their voice.

It's because back in February, a number of US Spotify users reported that they'd received an offer inside the app for a new device that would come included as part of a $12.99-per-month subscription.


The device would be covered in the subscription as long as users committed to a 12-month term with the streaming platform.

But, others think that the announcement is a change to the platform's free music service.

Bloomberg are reporting, though scant on details, that the company is tweaking the free service to make it easier to use, especially for customers on mobile phones.

While Spotify relies heavily on paid subscribers for the bulk of its revenue, the role of the free user cannot be underestimated.


It's thought that Spotify see simplifying the free music service as a way to attract new users who will then potentially pay for their subscriptions going forward.

Either one would be a welcome addition for users.