Someone's made a terrifying vagina Halloween face mask 4 years ago

Someone's made a terrifying vagina Halloween face mask

With Summer well and truly over, it's time to start prepping on one of the biggest occasions of the year - Halloween.

If you're organised and creative, you'll already have ordered arts and crafts to make your genius Halloween costume.

But only the most daring and bold of Hallowe'en celebrators will be interested in this scary Hallowe'en face mask, which entails looking like... A vagina.

Yes, really.

confused britney

Spotted on Etsy, one artist Melissa Coulter has designed a silicone BDSM mask that stretches across your face - with a VAGINA covering your nose and mouth area.

Are you ready to look at this? Seriously. There's no going back after this point.

Brace yourselves.

The vagina mask, (which sells for a cool £383.42) is handmade and luckily, ships worldwide. Thank heavens right?




The reviews on the page have all given 5 stars, with many praising it as being "beautifully crafted" and "the real deal". No doubt they were chuffed as they got their money's worth for disturbing the holy hell out of their friends.

The unusual looking mask divided public reaction, with many struggling to get their head around  the strange creation...

While others were impressed with the mask and bizarrely, only wished it were cheaper.

What do you think of the outfit? We think we might stick with our Harambe idea for this year's Halloween party.

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