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12th May 2018

Snapchat are finally ditching the update that everyone hated

The news that all Snapchat users want to hear

Paul Moore

The news that all Snapchat users want to hear

Chronology. A principle that people love for movies, TV shows, history, and social media.

A few months ago, Snapchat’s latest redesign alienated and pissed off a lot of their users but the app is about to revert to the old.

In their latest design change – and update of the unwelcome update – Snaps and Chats will go back in reverse chronological order. Stories from friends is also returning to the right side of the app.

Yep, that pesky algorithm should no longer melt your head.

Conversations with your mates can be viewed by swiping to the left. Stories will now be available on a separate page that’s available by swiping right. It’s also worth noting that your friends’ Stories will still be separate from branded content.

As reported by The Verge, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said:“We learned that combining watching Stories and communicating with friends into the same place made it harder to optimise for both competing behaviours. We are currently rolling out an update to address this by sorting communication by recency and moving Stories from friends to the right side of the application, while maintaining the structural changes we have made around separating friends from creators and sorting friends’ Stories by relationships.”

Regarding this decision to go back to the way things were, more than one million people signed a petition to make Snapchat revert to its previous design.

Well, they’re listening to your cries…or stories. Anyway, Snapchat users are bound to be very happy.