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08th Oct 2015

Snapchat fans will love this new feature on rival social media

This will be massive...

Ben Kenyon

Snapchat is known for users being able to add their own unique artwork to photographs.

Who wouldn’t want to deface a picture of their best friend with some devil horns, or a hilariously-placed penis doodle?

Now it seems like Snapchat won’t be the only social medium offering this brilliantly childish facility.

Facebook are getting in on the act in a big way. Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is launching the ‘Doodle’ feature imminently, giving non-Snapchatters the ability to draw all over their images before they post them.

It was previously available on the Messenger app, but now Facebook is taking it’s ‘Doodle’ button mainstream on the toolbar on both iOS and Android apps.

Happy doodling, kids…