Slowthai agrees to stop spitting in fans' mouths at gigs due to Covid-19 1 year ago

Slowthai agrees to stop spitting in fans' mouths at gigs due to Covid-19

We all have to make sacrifices

During the coronavirus pandemic, the vast majority of us have had to make substantial changes to the way in which we live our lives, to protect ourselves and those we love.


That means no meeting up with friends, no shaking hands with people, wearing a mask when out and about, and generally just being a bit more sensible and cleaner than before.

It's not just us regular people having to make sacrifices though, the celebs are having to forego some of their favourite activities too. And rapper Slowthai is just the latest example of the selflessness going on around the world to ensure we beat this virus and get back to the way of life we know and love.

This week, he vowed to stop spitting in the mouths of fans to help slow the halt of the virus during an interview with YouTuber Amelia Dimoldenberg or her show Chicken Shop Date.


Asked if he would continue to spit in fans' mouths at live shows once things reopen, he replied: "No, I ain't spitting in no more mouths now."

The Northampton rapper gained a frankly well deserved reputation for spitting in fans' mouths after jumping offstage during a show in the United States and walking over to a fan who had a sign which read 'Slowthai I need you to spit in my mouth'.

Keen to please his fans, he did just that, an act which was caught on camera and which I would recommend you don't watch unless you are a fan of disgusting things. Sorry, I'm a prude - I know.

One would hope that his vow will spur on the rest of us as we seek to return to normality, with Boris Johnson announcing this week his roadmap out of the pandemic.


If we can all be a bit more like the new Slowthai, and refrain from spitting in people's mouths, we could be free to return to normal social contact from June 21st onwards. Let's do it.