Sky turns completely orange in Spain and Britain could be next 3 months ago

Sky turns completely orange in Spain and Britain could be next

People have been warned against staying outside for long periods

The skies in parts of Spain have turned orange - thanks to the Sahara desert.


Dust from the Sahara crossed over the Mediterranean and was dumped over parts of Spain with warnings that Britain could be next to experience the phenomenon.

Storm Celia brought dust from the desert to areas such as Madrid and Murcia, meaning that Spaniards woke up to the bizarre orange skies.

The Laboratorio de Climatologia at the University of Alicante has warned people against staying outside for long periods, recommending the use of masks after Spanish officials issued extremely poor air quality ratings.


There are now warnings that the poor air quality could hit southern England as soon as Wednesday.

BBC Weather reporter Carol Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: "Look at the orange sky, this is Saharan dust.


"These pictures taken by some of our viewers yesterday in Alicante are quite spectacular. And the reason that it has happened is because of storm Celia.

"There has been very poor air quality today in parts of Spain, and it could well affect us in the southeast and East Anglia on Wednesday.


"So if you wake up on Wednesday and your car is covered in orange dust you know where it's coming from and why.”

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